About Us

About Us

Our Story

Seawaves Frozen Food Pte Ltd was founded in 1982 by our director, Mr William Tang, who pioneered the inception of cuttlefish balls/paste into the local market.

Over the years, Seawaves Frozen Food Pte Ltd has transformed from a manufacturing company into a regionally renowned household name. We have grown and established ourselves as the leading food manufacturer, exporter and distributor of frozen and canned food in Singapore; supplying to the leading supermarkets, wet markets, hotels, restaurants, caterers, ship chandlers, food courts etc.  In additional, we have also exported our products to countries like Australia, USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Mr Tang has always believed that only the best raw ingredients can bring out the superiority and true potential of the product. Passion, fostering teamwork and good working relationships are the keys to produce food of outstanding quality. We believe in providing good quality food and good services to everyone.



郑先生始终认为,只有最好的原料才可以生产出具有优势和潜力的产品 。他坚信热诚、团结的队伍和良好的工作态度是生产优良品质食品的关键。直到今天,他依然坚持这个方针。

30多年以来,我们的产品大受好品, 受到大家的爱戴。我们承诺在未来会坚持把最优质的产品和最好的服务呈现给大家。

Our Story


Since our establishment, Seawaves has gained a strong market share and has achieved customers’ confidence, both locally and regionally. We believe in producing only the best quality that caters to changing consumers’ tastes and demands.

With a customer-orientated approach and a hunger to strive for exceptional quality and customers’ service, Seawaves has won over the hearts of many valued local and international customers.

We have extended our variety of products, including finger foods; Korean dumplings, spring rolls, curry samosas, frozen fried sticks, cartoon buns, frozen meat; beef, venison and poultry, frozen seafood and abalone. Today our products can also be found in Australia, U.S.A., Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.





Our Slogan

Delicacies For You And Me

海威, 真美味!

We have the passion to bring delicacies from all over the world for our customers.  For every product that Seawaves manufactured and imported, they had undergone meticulous rounds of selections. We value our customers and we promise to deliver only the best; because you’re worth it.