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About Us

Welcome to Seawaves Frozen Food

Seawaves Frozen Food Pte Ltd was founded in 1982 by Mr William Tang, who pioneered the sale of cuttlefish balls and cuttlefish paste into the local market.

What started as a small family-run manufacturing business has evolved into the household brand name it is today. We have grown and established our position as a leading food manufacturer, exporter, and distributor of frozen and canned food in Singapore ranging from finger food to frozen meat and seafood.

We supply to the leading supermarkets, wet markets, hotels, restaurants, caterers and more in Singapore. In addition, our products are being exported to Australia, USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

At Seawaves Frozen Food, we strongly believes in the use of only the best raw ingredients to bring out the quality and essence of a product. He also believes that passion, teamwork, and good working attitudes are key to producing food that is of good quality.

In an environment where change is the only constant, Seawaves is always looking into plans to improve, diversify, and expand its business.

1982 年,郑国祥先生创办了海威冷藏食品有限公司,以自创的墨鱼丸和墨鱼浆打入了本地市场。起初,海威是一间只有十名员工的小型公司,而现在海威已成为家喻户晓的食品公司,其产品更是享负盛名,在新加坡各大主要超市、市场、酒店、餐馆等都可以找到海的产品。另外,海威也把产品销售给澳洲、美国、日本、中国、香港、马来西亚和印尼等国家。

海威始终坚信只有最好的原料才可以制作出具有优势和潜力的产品 。他相信热诚、团结的团 队和良好的工作态度是生产优良品质食品的关键。至今,他依然坚守这个理念。


Our milestones


Seawaves Frozen Food was founded. Here a worker is photographedusing a new bowl cutter purchased from Japan.


Our founder Mr William Tang in his office at No. 12 Fishery Port Road

Mr. Tang meeting with Indian distribution agents


Buying raw materials from India such as fish, cuttlefish, and shark’s fin


Visited an expo in USA to find opportunities to export our products


Always keeping things fresh: Sourcing for machines in Vietnam that mould cuttlefish


Sourcing for raw materials / ingredients in Vietnam


On a learning trip to Japan on how to process fish and make products like fish paste and surimi.

Organized by the Marine Fisheries Research Department (MFRD) and Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Centre (SEAFDEC)

Abalone brought by a distributor from Africa

Sourcing for cuttlefish at a seafood factory in Indonesia


Korean gyoza added to product line up


Moved into 206 Pandan Loop

Mr William Tang becomes President of Seafood Industries Association Singapore (SIAS)

Certified Grade ‘A’ status for excellence in food hygiene, sanitation and processing by AVA


Expanded export business with new state of the art PCS building


Our Passion & Mission

Our Passion

Passion and expertise are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in producing only excellent products that cater to the tastes and needs of consumers.

With a customer-oriented approach and a hunger to strive for exceptional quality, Seawaves has gained a strong market share and achieved customer confidence, both locally and regionally.

Just as we have grown with some of the biggest names in the local Singapore market, we look forward to exciting new opportunities to continue growing with upcoming brands and make the food and beverage scene even more exciting.

It is our goal to become a one stop service for quality frozen food, no matter the occasion. We have extended our selection of products to include a variety of finger food including, but not limited to, Korean dumplings, spring rolls, curry samosas, and dim sum. Our frozen meat selection encompasses beef, venison, mutton, pork, poultry, frozen seafood and abalone.




Our Mission

At Seawaves, we value our customers and promise to deliver only the best. Our mission is to provide convenient food products of impeccable quality that tantalise your taste buds and still adhere to stringent safety standards. We aim to provide excellent service while meeting the challenges of the food industry and anticipating market needs.


Thumb-Up Chef

In the early days, Seawaves only supplied to restaurants. Because we insist on only using the best ingredients in production, our cuttlefish balls quickly built a good reputation among many chefs.

The appreciative Chinese chefs would say hen hao (很好), meaning very good and gesture with a thumbs up, which in Chinese means “you’re number one”. Today, many restaurants and eateries in Singapore use Seawaves products in their signature dishes. This logo expresses our commitment to consistently deliver premium products and a service quality that will leave our customers with a lasting impression.


海威刚开始时,其产品仅供应给餐厅。 因为我们坚持只采用最好的食材,所以我们的墨 鱼丸很快就在许多厨师中树立了良好的声誉。

这些厨师总会竖起他们的大拇指说 “很好”,在中文中的意思为“你是第一名”。 如今,新加 坡的许多餐馆和饭店都在其招牌菜中使用海威产品。 该徽标象征我们的承诺——始终如 一地提供优质的产品和服务质量,从而给客户留下永久的印象。

Circular Shape

In Chinese culture, the circle is rich in symbolism. Family members get together to celebrate the day that the moon is at its fullest. It symbolises oneness and wholeness, just like the shape of our cuttlefish balls. We hope that our products can bring joy and unity to all the generations within a family.


在中华文化里,圆圈富有意义。比如,在月圆的中秋晚上,一家人聚在一起庆祝中秋节。 就 如我们墨鱼丸的形状一样象征圆满。 我们希望海威的产品能够为一家大小带来欢乐和团结。

Blue Colour

Blue represents the deep ocean that provide us with the freshest and best quality seafood.  It is also often associated with stability and symbolizes trust. As a company for more than 30 years, we have built a group of loyal supporters as we are best known and reputable for providing quality products. We aim to maintain this bond between our customers and continue serving them with the best that they deserve.


蓝色代表提供最新鲜、最优质海鲜的海洋。蓝色还经常与稳定性相关联,并象征着信任。 作为一家拥有30多年历史的公司,我们已经建立了一批忠实的支持者,我们以提供优质产 品而闻名并享有盛誉。 我们旨在保持与客户的这种纽带关系,并继续给他们应得的最好 服务。

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