[SanQuan 三全] Red Bean Pumpkin Pie 豆沙南瓜饼

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[SanQuan 三全]Pumpkin Pie Traditional Pumpkin Cake Original Flavor 300g 三全原味南瓜饼传统口味南瓜饼

The color of pumpkin pie is golden and attractive, and it is sweet and delicious, and the dough is crispy, and when you bite it, you will reach the center of the pumpkin pie. It is soft and sweet
Ingredients 成分:
> > Glutinous rice flour, pumpkin, red bean, etc.

Storage Instructions 存储条件:
> >Keep frozen at -18°C. Once thawed do not refreeze. 在 -18°C以下保存。

Shelf Life 保质期:
> >12 months 12个月

Cooking Methods 食用方法:
> >【Deep Fry】Turn on the oil pan and heat it to 140°C, pour the pumpkin pie, gently push to prevent sticking, after the pumpkin pie floats, fry it for another 2.5 minutes.
【油炸】 开启油锅加热至140℃,倒入南瓜饼,轻轻推动防止粘锅,南瓜饼浮起后,再炸2.5分钟即可。

Keep frozen at -18°C. Once thawed do not refreeze.