[SanQuan 三全] Salt & Pepper Pancake 椒盐手抓饼

SGD $4.50

[SanQuan 三全] Salt & Pepper Flavour Pancake 320g 三全椒盐手抓饼

Super crispy and flaky on the outside and slightly chewy inside, SanQuan pancakes definitely make a wonderful snack that you’ll love!
Ingredients 成分:
> > Wheat flour, butter, sesame, etc.

Storage Instructions 存储条件:
> >Keep frozen at -18°C. Once thawed do not refreeze. 在 -18°C以下保存。

Shelf Life 保质期:
> >12 months 12个月

Cooking Methods 食用方法:
> >【Pan Fry】Preheat the pan, remove the packaging bag and the inner film, no need to defrost, no need to use oil or put a little oil, put the pancake directly into the pan; heat it on a low fire for about 3 minutes, use the spatula to turn it over during the frying process. Fry on both sides until golden brown. Use chopsticks or spatula to pat or squeeze it from all around until it is fluffy and ready to eat.
【平底锅】 平底锅预热,除去包装袋及内层薄膜,无需解冻,无需用油或放少许油,将手抓饼直接放入平底锅中;小伙加热约3分钟,煎制过程中,使用铲子来回翻面。双面煎至金黄色,用筷子或铲子由四周往内拍打或挤压至其蓬松后即可食用。


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